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Over half a century of experience

m.Fleischer has stood for reliable quality at the highest level for over 50 years. In order to maintain this level, we always work in a forward-looking and future-oriented way to continuously develop and optimise our proven products so that they always consistently and powerfully, meet the high requirements and technical specifications of modern machines.

PYROSAFE 27 and TEMPERFLUID 4 are the best proof of the perfect combination of occupational health and safety, reliability and environmental protection, at far lower cost and energy consumption than mineral oils. The guarantee for absolutely reliable process flows in hydraulic systems and temperature control units that are subject to fire hazards and are relevant to the environment. 


Fire resistant hydraulic fluid Type HFC

PYROSAFE 27 – our fire-resistant hydraulic fluid is mainly used in the die-casting industry. Our customers appreciate the advantages of the flame-retardant, water-containing polymer solution type HFC, as it more than meets all requirements in the field of high-precision production of die-cast parts.

UNIVERSAL IN APPLICATION! Almost any modern, pressure-relevant, fire-prone production plant in foundries and steelworks can be operated with PYROSAFE 27: Pressure and gravity die casting plants, presses, coke and arc furnaces as well as tilting furnaces. PYROSAFE 27 from m.Fleischer is also the first choice in shipbuilding, mining and river dredging, wherever hydraulic processes are in danger of catching fire and are relevant to the environment.

WITH CLEAR ADVANTAGES! A rupture of a hydraulic line, a leak or a leaky spot can quickly lead to serious catastrophes when using mineral-based hydraulic oils. That is why there is really no way around modern HFC fluids. Only they guarantee optimum process reliability for man and machine, best running times and lowest possible wear. The specifications of PYROSAFE 27 not only meet the standards of leading machine manufacturers – our HFC fluid is even more efficient than prescribed in many areas.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – OF COURSE! PYROSAFE 27 is not only convincing because of its potential, but also because of its outstanding environmental compatibility. Located in the best possible water hazard class 1, its use is completely harmless. Because of its biodegradability, environmental pollution is absolutely minimised and optimum occupational safety is ensured. 

For detailed information on the technical specifications, please contact us.m dolor sit amet, co

State of aggregation:
characteristic of glycol
Designation according to VDMA 24317:
HFC / Water-glykol-solution
Kin. Viscosity according to DIN EN 16896:
at 20°C = 81 mm²/s
at 40°C = 38 mm²/s
at 50°C = 27 mm²/s
Densitiy according to ASTM D4052:
at 20°C = 1,070 – 1,080 g/ml
PH value according to DIN 51369:
at 20°C = 20°C = 9,3 – 9,8

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