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operating fluids

Made in Germany with 50 years of experience. We produce chemical, environmentally compatible high-performance operating fluids for hydraulic systems and temperature control equipment exposed to fire or environmental hazards. PYROSAFE 27 and TEMPERFLUID 4 are the best proof of the perfect combination of industrial safety, reliability and environmental protection.


Pyrosafe 27

Our fire-resistant hydraulic fluid is mainly used in the die-casting industry. Our customers appreciate the advantages of the flame-retardant, water-based polymer solution type HFC, as it more than meets all requirements in the field of high-precision production of die-cast parts. 

Temperfluid 4

Uniquely environmentally friendly energie-saving and yet highly resilient, this synthetic heat transfer fluid for mould heating and cooling equipment in die casting and injection moulding is characterised by the best results even at constantly changing process temperatures. Absolutely harmless in use and transport.

TEMPERFLUID 4 is the groundbreaking fully synthetic alternative to solutions containing mineral oil or glycerine, with far lower energy consumption and costs


We care.

Our comprehensive service includes regular quality assurance during operation, competent help with technical questions and training of employees in the use of our products. This ensures that our customers can always keep their promise of quality and that their production runs smoothly at all times.



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