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Proven, Powerful, Enviroment-friendly


Customer service included.
Service especially for our clients

We want our customers to be satisfied. Therefore we bring in our competence to the production processes and help to optimize them with our knowledge and our high-end working materials. We are there for you! You name your requirements and we will work out, together with you, the best solution for your company. For sure, we will train your employees. Your decision to use our products is the right step forward to more work security and environmental responsibility. That is an important step for our future.

We are fast! We promise fast and on-time delivery world wide – within Germany we normally even deliver within 24 hours.

We stay tuned! We installed a spezial control-service within our labours, to ensure that the hydraulic fluids work reliable. Regularly our employees will send you special containers for the withdrawal of fluids and we will examine the samples free of charge. You will receive the protocol according to your needs by mail, fax or email.

We think forward! By calling our support-hotline, you will receive expertly information about our products, delivery times and current controls. Our team will consult you concerning our products as well as concerning technical advice for your processes.