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Fire resistant hydraulic fluid Type HFC

PYROSAFE 27 – our fire resistant hydraulic fluid is used for the high temperature metal machining. Experts know about the advantages of the flame-proof polymer fluid and trust in its reliability.

It is universal in its use! Almost any modern manufacturing plant that is relevant for pressure and at risk for fire, used in foundries and steel works may be run with PYROSAFE 27: Die casting machines , gravity die casting machines, presses, coal furnaces or coke oven, electric arc furnaces and tilting furnaces. PYROSAFE 27 from the company M. Fleischer is the first choice for every hydraulic process that is at risk for fire and relevant for environmental responsibility, e.g. shipbuilding, mining and for dredger.

The advantages are obvious! The break of a hydraulic line, a leak or a leakage cause heavy catastrophes if there was oil used. Therefore modern HFC liquids are normally the only way to guarantee optimal security within processes for people and machines and best maturity with lowest wear-out. The specifications of PYROSAFE 27 are not only complying with the standards of leading machine producers – our HFC-Liquids are more efficient in many areas as prescribed.

Environment-friendly – for sure! PYROSAFE 27 does not only convince by its potential but also by its outstanding environmental impact. Ranged in the best possible water pollution class 1, the use of PYROSAFE 27 is absolutely unobjectionable. The pollution of the environment is absolutely minimized by the biological degradability and provide optimal security within the work processes.

Important Physical and Chemical Properties
Physical state: liquit
Colour: green / transparent
Odour: characteristic, like glykol
Name like VDMA 24317: HFC / Water-glykol-solutions
kin. viscosity like DIN 51562: at 20°C = 81 mm2/s
at 40°C = 38 mm2/s
at 50°C = 27 mm2/s
Densitiy like DIN 51757: at 20°C = 1,070 - 1,080 g/ml
pH like DIN 51369: at 20°C = 9,3 - 9,8

Please contact us for more information about technical specifications.

Synthetic heat transfer fluid.

Unique environmental- friendly and also highly resilient, this synthetic heat transfer fluid for machines in die-casting and feeder casting productions, convinces through best results even at changing processing temperatures. TEMPERFLUID 4 is absolutely unobjectionable within the processes and in transporting and therefore it is a innovative fully synthetic alternative to the oil and glycerine-containing fluids.

Efficient even under continual pressure! TEMPERFLUID 4 applies within all processes, where the use of a reliable heat transfer fluid is needed. The integrative viscose fluid is free of oil-hydrocarbons and can not be mixed with them as well. Therefore the building of oil-carbon is not possible by the intelligent chemical composition – that enables an unobstructed use.

Non-poisonous and water soluble at 100%! But not only the unobstructed production processes, as well the environmental and work security make TEMPERFLUID 4 to the best solution. The fluid is non-poisonous, water soluble and eudermic. Each leakage may be resolved fast and without problems only by using water. Even if the fluid is used under temperatures of up to 260° C there are no critical products build within the degradation process.

Advice for change Now decide to start a future with a modern, highly resilient synthetic heat transfer fluid. Our team of experts is looking forward to consult and to help you with the change within your production processes and they will train your employees to use TEMPERFLUID 4 the right way.

Important Physical and Chemical Properties
Physical state: liquid
Colour: colourless
Odour: odourless
kin. viscosity like DIN 51562: at 20°C = 97-110 mm2/s
Density like DIN 51757: at 20°C = 1,12 g/ml
Freezing point like European Pharmacopeia / 2.2.18:
Flash point like DIN 51376 (open cup): 240°C
Ignition temperature like DIN 51794: 360°C
Self-ignition temperature: > 360°C
Solubility in water: miscible (20°C)
Thermal resilience:
Continous load open bath 200°C
Continous load locked bath 300°C
Continous load partly opened bath (heatiing-,cooling agent) 250°C

Please contact us for more information about technical specifications.