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Proven, Powerful, Enviroment-friendly

About us

More than 35 years – Made in Germany

We are an international operating family company, that was established 1972. Since than we engaged ourselves not only to save and preserve nature as well as the security and the well-being of the people, that work with our products. This policy proved by long-standing and successful relationships in our day to day business.

Our high-end-working materials PYROSAFE 27 and TEMPERFLUID 4 are the best proof for a successful combination of environmental protection and security. They are cheaper and safer as oil and guarantee absolutely solid processes for hydraulic systems that are at risk for fire and environmental relevant.

We are looking forward to consult you, extensive and free of charge, concerning the transposition of your production using our ecologically safe hydraulic and heat conducting fluids.

To save the environment!

Products for a non-polluted environment! We are convinced that it is necessary to safe people and nature. Therefore our department of research always looks for optimal work security and best possible environmental impact of our chemical work materials – without compromise.

The lowest possible endanger of ground water! All our substances are bio-degradable and belong to the lowest water hazard class. Therefore the use of highly efficient chemical work material now is unobjectionable. Normally, special security and cleaning equipment is not necessary.